Designers and developers should work together. Or better yet, what if they were the same person? Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too. Someone equally as passionate about code and the importance of design.

Hi. I'm Kory and I'm kind of nerdy.

2016 Honest Pets Calendar

Design + Code

Site Design SVG Animation Email Design & Code

As an interactive designer at Red Tettemer O'Connell & Partners, I worked on The Honest Kitchen's 2016 Honest Pets Calendar Campaign. I was responsible for various design tasks as well as a few creative embelishes for the site. {Read More}

Il Buon Meccanico

Design + Code

Responsive CSS Animation Graphics

Project objective was to create an auto mechanic’s responsive website with a pastel color palette using CSS animation. I chose to make it a Fiat specific repair shop since a pastel color palette has a more childlike vibe. {Read More}

The Farmer and the Chef

Static Carve

Responsive Grunt SASS Git Wordpress

As the front end development team’s summer intern at the Archer Group, I worked on the March of Dime’s “Farmer and the Chef” Event. It was my responsibility to take the creative team’s design and code the static carve for the site, including the splash page. {Read More}


Kickstarter Re-Branding

Logo Business Cards Letterhead Packaging Website Coupons Promotional Materials Style Guide

The project objective was to find a Kickstarter campaign in need of a little graphic design help. I chose ButterUp!, the butter knife that allows you to easily spread refrigerated butter onto soft toast. {Read More}

Night Riders Bicycle Shop

Design + Code

Responsive CSS Animation Illustrations SlickWrap.js

My goal for this project was to create a responsive website where all elements were skewed and no elements were straight across. The only plugin I could find, albeit slightly dated, was SlickWrap.js. {Read More}

CSS Zen Garden

Design + Code

Design Development CSS Animation Responsive

Mainly a proof of concept project, as well as a huge learning experience, CSS Zen Garden was a started to show people how vastly different a website could look using only CSS while keeping the HTML untouched. {Read More}

John V Work

Law Firm Rebranding

Logo Business Cards Website Concepts

The client’s objective was to get new business cards with a new logo. Once the logo was completed, we started talking about website concepts.{Read More}

International Posters

Personal Project

Design Hand Done Screen Printing

In my free time over the summer, while interning 40 hours a week at the Archer Group, I purchased a DIY Screen Printing kit and decided to teach myself how to screen print posters. {Read More}

Kutztown Historical Society

Book Design

Graphic Design Letterpress

Each year, the Kutztown Area Historical Society (KAHS) does a limited edition scholarly publication as a gift for its members. A student designer is chosen from the junior class in Communication Design to design, execute, and oversee the project from sketches to completion. {Read More}

Voyage Magazine

Design + Illustrations

Complete Magazine Layout Graphical Elements

Voyage is a concept magazine geared towards open-minded adventurers seeking quirky American travel destinations. I wanted the magazine to have a retro feel and heavily revolve around travel and transportation. {Read More}